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Product Features

Digital Communications

In today’s tech-infused world, providing feedback on an experience should be easier than filling out a paper form. My90 makes it easy to engage community members in conversations about public safety and law enforcement through anonymous texting anytime, anywhere, with any device.

Actionable Data Visualization

Demographic Segmentation allows agencies to direct resources to engage communities with low levels of trust towards the police.

Location Intelligence helps agencies focus on specific neighborhoods, precincts, or other zones of interest that need the extra attention.

Tracking Over Time helps law enforcement determine whether sentiment is improving or worsening over time.

Natural Language Processing

My90’s dashboard enables law enforcement leaders to analyze qualitative information efficiently and strategically. Through Natural Language Processing, My90 identifies common topics among open responses and extracts sentiment from conversations to determine whether a comment is positive, negative, or neutral.

My90 separates (our community policing) program from anything I’ve been involved in in the past 25+ years.

Chief Edgardo Garcia, San Jose City Council Meeting, Sept 2017

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Privacy & Security

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My90 stores phone numbers in our database using deterministic encryption. After storing these numbers, each user is assigned a unique User ID.

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My90 does not share user phone numbers with any client, police or otherwise, and removes personal identifying information in messages before they are shared with clients.

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All outbound and inbound messages are also stored in our archives, which only My90 staff has access to.

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My90 uses Amazon Web Services, which uses best practices for global privacy and data protection (Source: Amazon.)

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