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The 2018 Annual Training Conference

NOBLE partnered again with My90 in 2018 to collect feedback from attendees and participants at the 42nd Annual Training Conference. We sent attendees two text messages per day asking for feedback during the duration of the conference (July 29 to August 1, 2018). Please view select results from the 2018 conference below.

NOBLE joined IACP in the Collaborative Reform Initiative. What technical assistance and support would be most helpful for you?

At the center of our profession is our dedication to community. When it comes to community engagement, which issue do you need the most assistance with?

What is the most impactful thing that NOBLE has done in the past year?

In your experience, which of the following is usually the most challenging part of your job?

NOBLE has three sessions on types of bias this year. What type of bias do you think is most important to address right now in your agency? Remember, your feedback is completely anonymous.

Did you attend a high impact session that will change the way you do things going forward?

We're glad to hear that. Please enter the number of that session, so that we can share feedback with the speakers and keep making our conference better each year.

How do you plan on extending the impact of this year’s conference?

Select Open-Ended Feedback

“Implicit Bias course was decent but audio and acoustics were bad.”

“I am from an agency where I will have to give a brief of what I learned. Due to the current outline I was only able to attend a handful of course due to the schedule. I understand the march and church along with other non-workshop aspects are important, but time could/should have been used differently. The feedback that I would like to give is to ensure workshops are spread out better so we can get to more of them.”

“Great conference. Great panelist. A bit costly for this conference. Due to downsizing of budgets for most agencies I hope that NOBLE keep in mind of locations that are cost efficient where we are able to send more representatives to NOBLE.”

Results from the 2017 Annual Conference

NOBLE began using My90’s platform in 2017 to collect feedback from conference participants. Attendees were invited to text My90 throughout the conference to provide feedback after workshops, general comments, and to learn more about the platform. My90 would like to thank everyone who helped make the feedback service a success during the conference, including NOBLE organizers, volunteers, and attendees.

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