Hawthorne and Pasco Police Departments

Report on Immigration & Local Law Enforcement

How do immigrant communities feel about their local police officers?

My90 authored a special report on public views of local law enforcement in Hawthorne, CA and Pasco, WA. The survey design, data collection, and analyses are intended to help public leaders better understand and measure community-police relations in the context of national immigration policies and local law enforcement.

The report is the result of cross-sector collaboration between the Hawthorne Police Department in Southern California, the Pasco Police Department in Eastern Washington, OssaLabs, and My90. Our shared goal is to improve community-police relations in the United States using innovative and accessible communication tools.

The data collected and analyzed here offer an example of how new tools can help police departments better understand the impact of immigration policies as they relate to American law enforcement agencies.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of respondents self-identified as Hispanic/Latino, highlighting the potential of innovative communication tools to engage historically underrepresented groups.
  • Survey responses indicated that concern about immigration issues is negatively affecting Hispanic/Latino communities’ trust of local police departments.
  • However, responses also indicated that even Hispanic/Latino residents who are concerned about deportations in their community are still willing to call the police for help.

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