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What can happen over a cup of coffee?

In October 2016, My90 helped Coffee with a Cop assess the impact of the first-ever National Coffee with a Cop Day. Last year, we collaborated again on October 4, 2017, for the second National Coffee with a Cop Day, in which over a thousand agencies participated. We are now helping to assess the third annual National Coffee with a Cop Day, taking place on October 3rd, 2018.

Coffee with a Cop is a nonprofit organization that operates out of the Hawthorne Police Department in Southern California. The organization’s mission is to help police officers and community members sit down over coffee to talk face-to-face all around the world.

Hundreds of Coffee with a Cop events take place every month. Every department that registers an event receives a packet of information and tools from Coffee with a Cop, including My90’s analysis and report.


Frequently asked questions

What happens when someone texts My90?

  • Our service automatically sends them questions and asks for their feedback. Most conversations only take a few minutes and messages are free aside from standard messaging fees.

Will this create more work for our agency? 

  • No. My90 cares about helping departments maximize their time and resources—not adding to their workload. We take care of everything, from processing messages and protecting user information to analyzing the results and compiling a short, visual report to help you demonstrate the impact of your event.

Does my agency receive the messages directly? 

  • No. You never receive messages or see people’s phone numbers. My90 gives you a report summarizing and analyzing the information we receive from members of your community.

We already have social media—why use text messages? 

  • Text messages reach a lot more people than social media does—we always check our texts, even if we forget our apps. My90 helps you engage hard-to-reach communities who may not trust the police very much. Also, My90 helps you get constructive feedback because we prevent trolling and allow agencies eliminate much of the noise they get on social media.

What if someone tries to text about an emergency? 

  • This is prevented by our multiple-choice format. This also makes My90 a low-risk tool for departments.

How can I test My90 before we decide to use it? 

  • Please email My90 for a free demo: As you’ll see, My90 feels just like regular text messaging—no internet, downloads, or logins required. Please contact us with any questions you have so that we can help get you set up before October 3rd.

How do I sign my agency up to use My90? 

  • You can sign your agency up with My90 by clicking here to receive materials, assistance, and other support for using our service at your National Coffee with a Cop Day event.

2017 National Coffee with a Cop Day

2016 National Coffee with a Cop Day

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