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Have you had contact with the police? We want to help make your voice heard

My90 provides an accessible and anonymous way for community members to provide feedback on their interactions with police.

In today’s tech-fueled world, providing feedback on an experience should be easier than filling out a paper form. Why should it be any different for an experience as important as interacting with the police? My90 makes it possible for anyone with a cell phone to tell their side of the story.

A community-centered approach to policing

My90’s SMS and web-based platform is a product of extensive research on the needs of community members who have had both positive and negative experiences with law enforcement. Community members we have interviewed over the years have expressed their need for a safe and accessible outlet to provide feedback on interactions with the police.

Actionable & Impactful

How Your Feedback is Utilized

Feedback that community members send to My90 is aggregated and personal identifying information is removed. This feedback is shared with city leaders, policy makers, and the public. City leaders utilize community feedback to make evidence-based, community-centered policy decisions. Additionally, community members can opt-in to receive updates on how their cities are addressing their feedback.

Community Dashboard

My90 will provide community members with access to a public dashboard to view feedback from their community in aggregate, creating another layer of transparency and accountability for their cities about policing.


We take your security and privacy seriously. Every message you send to My90 is anonymous. We never send you junk messages and we don’t share or sell your personal information to third parties, including police departments, governmental agencies, or other partners. If you opt in for updates, we protect your phone number with multi-layer encryption, and any message you send My90 is securely stored in our database. Personal identifying information, such as phone numbers, cannot be viewed in the My90 database.

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We Take Your Privacy Seriously.

Every message you send is anonymous, and we won’t share or sell your personal information. See our full policy at Terms & Privacy Policy »
Standard text message rates apply. Please note that My90 is not an emergency service.

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