Building Trust Between Communities and Police

My90 is a secure, data-driven platform that helps law enforcement agencies measure and improve community engagement, trust, and relationships.

Our Impact

Reducing Crime Through Community Engagement in San Jose, CA

The community’s improved relationship with police has led to a much larger volume of calls to the department, which has led to more law enforcement in the area and, inevitably, less crime.

Chief Edgardo Garcia, San Jose City Council Meeting, Sept 2017

Through their partnership with My90, San Jose Police Department conducted a series of community engagement surveys from 2016-2017 with more than 90% completion rates, and successfully engaged audiences through live event data collection and analysis tools.

Quantifying the Impact of Community Policing for Coffee with a Cop

My90 has collaborated with Coffee with a Cop, the largest community policing program in the world, to assess the impact of National Coffee with a Cop Day two years in a row. In 2017, people shared their feedback on the event with over 50 police departments across the U.S. 74% of participants said that they felt better about the local police after the event, showing the difference that one conversation can make in building trust with communities.

Building Trust With Underrepresented Communities in Hawthorne, CA

My90’s work shows that anonymous texting can amplify the voices of people who typically don’t trust the police and are therefore less engaged in community policing efforts. In Hawthorne, CA, 72% of the people who texted My90 were Hispanic/Latino, with an average age of 27.5. Additionally, 61.3% of participants were very or somewhat concerned about deportations of undocumented immigrants in their community.

How It Works


After interacting with the police, community members text My90 to share feedback anonymously about their experience.


My90 aggregates community feedback into demographic, geographic, and temporal trends, and sorts open-ended responses by topic and sentiment.


Law enforcement leaders use the dashboard to make evidence-based decisions. They can also send outbound messages to update or share resources with the public.

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