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How it Works

Want to try My90? Text "Demo" to (619) 319-9090

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Say what you think, not who you are

My90 provides a fast, free, and anonymous way to make your voice heard using text messaging. To use the service, anyone can text us "hi" to get started. Your local My90 phone number will depend on where you live, so check out where we work or try a demo by texting (619) 319-9090. My90 will automatically respond and ask you a few questions, starting with what language you prefer. my90 is currently available in English and Spanish. You don't need a smartphone, the internet, or an app—just text messaging.

My90 is anonymous. This means the police can never see your name, phone number, or any other personal information.

My90 receives the text messages and stores them securely. My90 aggregates and analyzes data from its text messages. Analyses are shared with partnering police departments to help them measure and improve community-police relations and public safety. Results are also shared publicly to create an ongoing dialogue and increase transparency.

What can My90 do for me as a user?

A platform for safe communication and local resources

My90 doesn't just ask you questions—we provide you with information for you and your community. Depending on your questions and feedback, we may update you on local police activity, neighborhood events, and resources for you and your family. We'll also update you on what happens with the feedback you and your community shared.

Because My90 is anonymous, our conversations can't process formal complaints that require your contact information. If you want help with a specific incident, please contact your local department or your city's Independent Police Auditor. Instead, we focus on what your community as a whole is saying and how the police are responding. We believe everyone benefits from greater access to information.

What can My90 do for me as a partner?

A data-driven approach to improving communication, trust, and safety

We’ve met with hundreds of police chiefs, officers, and community members who felt that “90% of the story is lost” when the police and the public interact. We make tough conversations easier by using communication and data analysis tools to support 21st century policing.

About My90's platform

Our partners choose from a range of innovative communication and data analysis tools based on their unique needs. Please contact us for more information or for a customized proposal for your department.

Here is a partial list of products and services offered by My90

  • Anonymous, automated chatbots that work via text messages or Facebook messenger
  • Post-contact surveys that integrate with CAD systems
  • Hyper-local community surveys for specific neighborhoods
  • Representative citywide surveys
  • Qualitative focus groups
  • Longitudinal data panel series to track changes over time
  • Customized "credit score" that tracks changes on a monthly basis
  • Internal updates can evaluate effectiveness and help allocate resources
  • Public-ready external updates improve trust and transparency
  • My90 has no technical or IT requirements and requires two hours or less of a department’s time per month. We support all social media platforms.


    We take security and privacy seriously

    We never send you junk messages and we don't share or sell your information to third parties.

    My90 users are anonymous

    When you text My90, we automatically drop personal identifying information (such as names and phone numbers) and associate your text messages with unique identifying codes instead. Police departments (or any city other agency we work with) never receive any personal identifying information.

    We store information securely

    If you opt in for updates, we keep your phone number safe by using multi-layer encryption. When you text My90, the information in your messages is stored securely in our databases. Remember, when someone from My90 looks at the database, all they see is anonymous results.

    Opt out any time

    You can opt out any time by replying STOP to one of our messages. If you opt out of updates, we automatically delete your phone number.

    Sharing results

    Analysis is an important part of what My90 does. This is when we can determine the biggest questions, concerns, comments, and ideas that you're sharing with us anonymously. Anonymous results are shared with both communities and the police.

    Have questions?

    By focusing on conversations, My90 helps the public and police improve trust, relationships, and safety. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us.

    Interested in bringing My90 to your city?

    Send a request:
    Contact form for community members
    Contact form for police departments and city agencies