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community-police relations are at a 22-year low

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helping communities and cops talk

A sergeant once told us, "the police miss 90% of the story when we talk to the public." At the same time, it's hard for the public to talk to the police. my90's text messaging platform makes it easier for community members to give feedback and easier for police departments to hear it.

Anyone can text my90 to ask questions and share feedback anonymously. Best of all, my90 goes two ways. Our optional weekly updates keep you in the loop about local police activity, free resources, and upcoming neighborhood events. Learn more about how it works.


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We want to hear your stories about the police. Good or bad, we're listening.

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How it works

With my90, you can speak up in a way that is fast, free, and anonymous. my90 is a reliable go-between to help the public and police communicate when trust is in short supply.

Who we are

my90 is an independent company. This means we protect the anonymity of our users, serve the public and the police equally, and have no political affiliations. 

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