helping communities and cops talk

90% of the story is lost when communities and cops talk

let's change that

Our name was inspired by hundreds of police officers and community members who felt that “90% of the story is lost” when the police and the public interact.

We collect public feedback for the police to improve trust, transparency, and public safety.

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How it Works

step one: community voices

People text My90 anonymously to make their voices heard, ask questions, and access local resources. Messages help people say what they think, not who they are. See where we work to check if My90 is active in your city.

step two: data analysis

My90 aggregates and analyzes community feedback. Results are shared with partnering police departments and with the public to help measure and improve community-police relations, transparency, and public safety.

Step three: ongoing conversations

My90 increases two-way communication by sending neighborhood updates, answering questions, and sharing local resources—all while maintaining users’ anonymity. Learn more about how My90 works.

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